DIY : paper kite

DIY | paper kiteEven though school may be in session for most, this weekend we officially bid farewell to summer. Sure technically the first day of fall isn’t till September 23, but for me I always associate kissing the summer goodbye with the last weekend of august. It’s bittersweet parting ways with the current season but oh so exciting for the next one to roll in. With Labor Day this weekend, I thought it be fun to share one last soak up the sun DIY for kids and adults alike with this paper kite. Spend the morning making it and the afternoon flying high! Keep reading for the instructions…

DIY | paper kite | materialsPaper Kite


  • string
  • paper
  • wooden dowels
  • scissors
  • ribbon
  • tape (not pictured)

DIY | paper kite | instructionsInstructions

  1. Cut notches into ends of dowels.
  2. Place smaller dowel on top of larger dowel and tie together with string.
  3. Thread string through notches creating a diamond shape.
  4. Cut paper slightly larger than kite frame.
  5. Fold paper over string and tape down.
  6. Tie a piece of string from top to bottom.
  7. Then attach a flying string about a quarter of the way down, to previously tied string.
  8. Attach tail with ribbons and bows!

DIY | paper kite | 2





bon appétit : chia seed pudding

bon appetit | chia puddingChia seeds have been a healthy trend going on for a while now packing in some major health benefits. These little unprocessed seeds contain healthy omega 3 fatty acids, protein and fiber just to name a few. And thanks to its mild nutty flavor makes it easy to add to any food or beverage. Sprinkled over salads or blended into smoothies, there’s really nothing you can’t add a little chia seed too. While I’m always in search of a something new for breakfast or a healthy little snack, recently I tried my hand at making some chia seed pudding. Not only did it turn out delicious but its super easy, you can make the pudding the night before and enjoy the next morning. I topped mine with raspberries and almonds but any combination of you favorite fruit and nuts will do. Keep reading for the recipe…

bon appetit | chia pudding | 2

bon appetit | chia pudding | 3


Chia Seed Pudding

*makes 2 4 ounce jars


1/2 cup almond milk
1/3 cup chia seeds
1 tablespoon honey
1 teaspoon vanilla


  1. Mix all ingredients together and pour into mason jars or airtight containers.
  2. Let it sit in the refrigerator overnight.
  3. Top with desired fruit or nuts.

pinning away : fall fashion

pinning away | fall fashion | gray and blackTemps may still be in the triple digits but I’m dreaming of fall fashion. Some of you probably think I’m jumping the gun on this one, but with yellow school buses and little backpacks running around I know cooler weather will soon come. My current uniform of white jeans paired with a gray top is only getting me so far, so I’ve been pinning away on my want & wear board some noteworthy fall looks. Gray with black, scarves, denim, and neutral tones is what I want and want to wear this upcoming season. How about you? Have you started your fall fashion plans or is it still too hot to even think about?

pinning away | fall fashion | coat and sneakers

pinning away | fall fashion | classic black and white

pinning away | fall fashion | colors of fall

pinning away | fall fashion | neutral and denim

*images {1} {2} {3} {4} {5}

back to…

back to...
It’s back to school for many kids today which means the lazy carefree days of summer have come to an end. My state of mind always tends to change direction to being more focused with a greater sense of purpose this time of year. For me it also means back to a strict structured routine as we are on the cusp of the holiday season. I’m off to an early start with an organized closet (that I completed a couple of weeks ago) awaiting a fall wardrobe, and a new agenda full of blank pages waiting to be filled. How are you preparing for the season?
*image via people and cups

weekend wishes

weekend wishes | sweet treatsHappy weekend y’all! I’m feeling a tad bit under the weather, but hopefully I can shake it off as it’s shaping up to be a fun weekend around here! Today, per saturday morning new tradition, we are off to the market to pick up some fresh produce, then heading home to plan a menu for the week with said produce. And tomorrow we are off for our first hike here at Mount Bonnell and then a Sunday brunch. What’s on your agenda for the weekend? Whatever it may be I hope it’s a good one and you soak up some summer sun while you still can! Keep reading for my favorite links…

This food truck is too adorable for words!

Molly of APOT has me wanting to book the next flight out to Copenhagen.

A cocktail that I need to perfect.

Holy Chanel surfboard!

Breakfast in a jar never looked so good.

*image via remain simple

take five!

take five! | polka dots


Happy Friday friends! If you’ll take a quick moment to notice the name change of this series… When I first started it was named a few things, which then morphed into fantastique!, but to be honest none of those names seemed to fit in 100%. The beauty of blogging is the process of always evolving and if something doesn’t work you have the potential to change it. So please join me in welcoming take five!. Whether you take five minutes out of your day or are like me and want to take (all) five of these items home, I hope you will continue to enjoy this series. And I always appreciate feedback… Let me know what you think! {one} With all this seasonal fresh produce that Iv’e been getting from the farmers market, I thought a new cookbook on just that would’t hurt. So this new baby was added to the collection! {two} How adorable are these bar studs?! I think they deserve a place in my jewelry box… {three} I have been on the hunt for the perfect pair of heels and may have found them. Dressed up with a LBD or down with a some denim, I know I’ll get some good use out of these. {four} I did get a little side tracked while searching for those pumps and spotted this shirt. Polka dots… Love! {five} And speaking of polka dots, it’s that time of year again to pick up a new agenda book… and I’m going for the gold dots this year!

center stage : kathryn kelly dewitt

center stage | kathryn kelly dewitt

Meet Kathryn Kelly Dewitt a woodworker, designer and owner of KKDW based in Austin, Texas. I first learned about her reading the latest issue of Tribeza, of which she also graces the cover. Inspired by traditional American design, each piece is made by hand certainly making them unique and one of a kind. The current collection, Throwing the Wild, is an array of stands and plant hangers fitting for everyday use. My personal favorite, the air hangers, are perfect for displaying air plants, floral arrangements, or even as hanging art pieces. Keep reading for more of the collection or head on over here

center stage | kathryn kelly dewitt | barstool{walnut and steel barstool}

center stage | kathryn kelly dewitt | air hangers{air hangers}

center stage | kathryn kelly dewitt | plant stand{plant stand}

center stage | kathryn kelly dewitt | mirror{walnut and steel mirror}

*images via kkdw by nicole mlakar