out and about : shopping in austin

out and about | shopping in austinAfter living in what is considered one of the top shopping destinations in the world you might think that I would have a difficult time adjusting here in ATX, but this city definately holds its own and is well diverse. And after being surrounded by just about every high-end designer it’s so refreshing to live in a place where local boutiques thrive. So today I’m taking a moment to share some of my favorite places so far…

{take heart} After lunch at one of my favorite spots last week, I popped into this adorable shop and immediately fell in love. Offering unique handmade gifts from near and far I wanted one of everything.

{by george} Whenever I’m in need of that designer fix, this is where you’ll find me! Everything from Cèline to Yigal Azrouël can be found here.

{uncommon objects} This is the closest I’ve come to antiquing! If you’re looking for vintage, eclectic, or just are in need of a nostalgia fix this is the place to be.

{nannie inez} Truly a unique store, Nannie Inez carries an array of design elements. I’m currently eyeing these trays.

musings for september…

musings | september
Happy Labor Day lovelies… hope you all are enjoying the long weekend. Its been non stop fun around here staring off with a trip to the farmers market, then popped in at the Coterie Market at West Elm, a beautiful hike yesterday, followed by some delicious BBQ (you know I’m not that big of a meat eater but sometimes a gal just caves in!). And don’t expect things to slow down for the month of September! You’ve probably heard me say this before but, I love this time of year… Sipping pumpkin spice lattes over huge issues of fashion magazines and fall baking when you really should be tackling that lengthy to do list. So get ready for a jam packed month with everything from perfecting that morning cup of coffee, giving pickling a try with the last of summer produce, and a peek at our moving announcements that I’m just dying to share… Stay tuned!

*image via eclectic trends

weekend wishes

weekend wishes | white jeans


Happy weekend y’all! Who plans on getting their last wear in for the summer and living in white jeans this long weekend? Or are you more of a rebel, break the fashion rules and continue to wear white after Labor Day? For me since I’ve always lived in a warmer climate, I tend to be somewhat of a rule breaker and they make a few more appearances through September. Any big plans for the weekend for the long and last weekend of August? We are just up to our usual routine, nothing big on the agenda… but you never known this city. Hope you all have a good one and keep reading for some of my favorite links…

What do you use you latte bowl for? I love to keep everything from jewelry to lipsticks in mine.

A recipe to make before zucchini is out of season.

Can’t wait to give this new beauty product a try.

Looks like I’m not the only one gushing over the Emerson Fry Fall/Winter collection.

Swooning over Jan Showers’ headquarters!
*image via design darling

take five!

take five | fall prep
I don’t know about you guys but I’ve been doing a little fall prep all week long. Added a couple new beauty staples into the mix, some wardrobe pieces have found a new home in my closet, and a couple unexpected treasures came home with me like this little gem. Hope you all are having a happy Friday and keep reading for my take five from the week… {one} These little notebooks were too adorable to pass up for all my note taking. {two} Throwing this mascara back into rotation. {three} Local leather chic bracelets… Sign me up! {four} I usually keep a box of watermelon flavor but R recommended we switch it up and now my new faves are the cinnamon banana. {five} The latest issue has an editorial of a few of my favorite bloggers lunching… Wish I could’ve been there for that one!

DIY : paper kite

DIY | paper kiteEven though school may be in session for most, this weekend we officially bid farewell to summer. Sure technically the first day of fall isn’t till September 23, but for me I always associate kissing the summer goodbye with the last weekend of august. It’s bittersweet parting ways with the current season but oh so exciting for the next one to roll in. With Labor Day this weekend, I thought it be fun to share one last soak up the sun DIY for kids and adults alike with this paper kite. Spend the morning making it and the afternoon flying high! Keep reading for the instructions…

DIY | paper kite | materialsPaper Kite


  • string
  • paper
  • wooden dowels
  • scissors
  • ribbon
  • tape (not pictured)

DIY | paper kite | instructionsInstructions

  1. Cut notches into ends of dowels.
  2. Place smaller dowel on top of larger dowel and tie together with string.
  3. Thread string through notches creating a diamond shape.
  4. Cut paper slightly larger than kite frame.
  5. Fold paper over string and tape down.
  6. Tie a piece of string from top to bottom.
  7. Then attach a flying string about a quarter of the way down, to previously tied string.
  8. Attach tail with ribbons and bows!

DIY | paper kite | 2





bon appétit : chia seed pudding

bon appetit | chia puddingChia seeds have been a healthy trend going on for a while now packing in some major health benefits. These little unprocessed seeds contain healthy omega 3 fatty acids, protein and fiber just to name a few. And thanks to its mild nutty flavor makes it easy to add to any food or beverage. Sprinkled over salads or blended into smoothies, there’s really nothing you can’t add a little chia seed too. While I’m always in search of a something new for breakfast or a healthy little snack, recently I tried my hand at making some chia seed pudding. Not only did it turn out delicious but its super easy, you can make the pudding the night before and enjoy the next morning. I topped mine with raspberries and almonds but any combination of you favorite fruit and nuts will do. Keep reading for the recipe…

bon appetit | chia pudding | 2

bon appetit | chia pudding | 3


Chia Seed Pudding

*makes 2 4 ounce jars


1/2 cup almond milk
1/3 cup chia seeds
1 tablespoon honey
1 teaspoon vanilla


  1. Mix all ingredients together and pour into mason jars or airtight containers.
  2. Let it sit in the refrigerator overnight.
  3. Top with desired fruit or nuts.

pinning away : fall fashion

pinning away | fall fashion | gray and blackTemps may still be in the triple digits but I’m dreaming of fall fashion. Some of you probably think I’m jumping the gun on this one, but with yellow school buses and little backpacks running around I know cooler weather will soon come. My current uniform of white jeans paired with a gray top is only getting me so far, so I’ve been pinning away on my want & wear board some noteworthy fall looks. Gray with black, scarves, denim, and neutral tones is what I want and want to wear this upcoming season. How about you? Have you started your fall fashion plans or is it still too hot to even think about?

pinning away | fall fashion | coat and sneakers

pinning away | fall fashion | classic black and white

pinning away | fall fashion | colors of fall

pinning away | fall fashion | neutral and denim

*images {1} {2} {3} {4} {5}