bon weekend

bon weekend caramel apples
Bonjour lovelies! I can’t believe Saturday is already here again! R and I just got back from a lovely Saturday morning stroll. The weather here has been perfect, with crisp mornings and cool evenings reminding me that fall season is in full swing! Now we are heading out for a little brunch, some afternoon shopping and tomorrow I’m planning on some crafting. I have a few fall projects in mind that I can’t wait to try! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and keep reading for some of my favorite links…

Love the editors’ essentials series and this week we got a peek of the lovely Claire’s.

A handy list of Where to Buy the Best Party Accoutrements to keep on hand!

My kind of make-up routine… the 5 minute face.

With all kinds of pies to be made this season I’m relying on this guide to fancy up my crusts.

Next time I make waffles I will have to try out this recipe.

*image via donna hay

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