bon weekend

bon weekend coffee

Who else could use a cup of coffee this morning to get the day started? All my running around yesterday has caught up with me, so I’m easing into this Saturday morning with a good cup of joe. It’s the weekend before Alt and everything is coming together… business cards are ready, finally got my wardrobe together, and my DIY project just needs a few last minute touches. And now all that’s left to do is to pack it all up, so I’ll be spending much of my weekend packing, a lovely sunday morning breakfast planned, and hopefully catching an Oscar movie since we are so behind. Have a wonderful three day weekend and keep reading for my favorite links…

Loving these business cards and have high hopes of scoring one at Alt!

In my quest for finding a V-Day DIY I came across some adorable origami hearts.

I literally need to brush up on these 8 hairstyles every girl should know.

All I need to pick up is an onion and a can of coconut milk to make a delicious soup this weekend.

Couldn’t agree more with a resolution to refresh!

*image via dustjacket attic

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